Four Simple Ways to Boost Your Mental Wellness

Posted on: 24 May 2022

 Wellness as a concept is spoken about a lot in the modern world, with the Global Wellness Institute defining it simply as activities and choices that will lead to holistic health. This guide explains four simple, cheap things you can do to promote your mental wellness.

Make Time for Your Hobbies

Modern life is busy, and it's easy to let our hobbies, interests, and passions fall by the wayside. However, if you want excellent mental wellness, it's important to make time for your hobbies. That might be reading for twenty minutes before bed, making time for a hike at the weekend, starting piano lessons again, or blocking out a couple of hours to get your paints out. It's best if your chosen hobby is creative or mindful, really allowing you to be present in the moment, rather than something screen-based or stressful.

Learn to Be Mindful and Present

Mindfulness is a tricky concept to grasp, but it's all about being present in the moment, not thinking about what comes next, and appreciating the moment with all your senses. If it's new to you, try finding a book of mindfulness activities or downloading an app that can guide you through mindfulness meditations. You could tailor this to your hobbies or interests—perhaps you feel most mindful when out in nature, or when drawing or writing.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is so important, as it helps us to appreciate the things we have in our lives, rather than just wishing time away and waiting for the next thing. Try keeping a gratitude journal—each day, write down five things you were grateful for. This could be something big such as a family reunion or a holiday, or something small like watching a good TV programme or eating a great meal. This will help you to see the good even on days that seem ordinary. Positive Psychology also suggests writing 'gratitude letters' to loved ones, explaining why you are grateful to have them in your life.

Give Time or Money to Others

Giving to others is sure to make you feel good. Find a cause that you really care about, and figure out a way to support it, whether that's with your money or by volunteering your time. It'll make you appreciate your own life more, as well as give you a sense of satisfaction. Plus, if you choose to volunteer, you'll be meeting new people and learning new skills, also proven mood-boosters.

By making time for things you enjoy, trying out some new mindfulness techniques, creating a gratitude journal, and giving time or money to others, you can boost your mental wellness and feel happier, calmer, and more grateful. 


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