• Bulk Billing vs Mixed Billing

    If you are about to start receiving medical treatment, you may be wondering about the difference between bulk billing and mixed billing. Below is a brief guide which explains the benefits of each system. Bulk Billing Medical facilities which offer bulk billing admit patients who have valid Medicare cards. This means that the cost of any treatment you receive will be billed directly to the Australian Government and you don't have to cover the cost yourself.
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  • Can You Cure a Dry Socket With Clove Oil?

    If you're experiencing worsening pain a few days after you have had a tooth extracted, you may have lost the protective blood clot that sits over the wound and may be suffering from a dry socket. When you search for a remedy, you may be advised to try clove oil. How does clove oil affect dry socket pain and should you use it to try to fix the problem? How Clove Oil Works on a Dry Socket
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