Three Problems You Can Encounter During Pregnancy That An Obstetrician Can Help With

Posted on: 27 May 2021

Having an obstetrician by your side as you go through your pregnancy journey is one of the more comforting feelings during an otherwise tumultuous period of your life. Not only are they an easy point of contact for any questions you may have, but they can also provide medical check-ups and even deliver the baby. This sort of deep relationship is a truly unique one, but also one that can be hard to fully know the boundaries of early on. Many people are a bit nervous to bring up certain issues they think might be normal during pregnancy just because they don't want to annoy the obstetrician, but that could never be further from the truth. Here are a few common problems that you should always bring up with your obstetrician as soon as you notice them.

Not Gaining Weight

After a few weeks and months of being pregnant, you should expect a steady increase in your weight. Some weeks you might pack on the pounds while others might be just a few grams different. However, if you notice that across multiple weeks you are not gaining weight, then you should bring it up with your obstetrician. The earlier you bring it up, the more your obstetrician can do to alleviate any problems (if there are, in fact, any problems). Staying quiet only hurts your chances at a simple solution, so don't be afraid to speak up.

Continuous Vomiting

Everyone knows that morning sickness and a bit of nausea is natural when pregnant (although not all people experience this). What is not normal, however, is continuous vomiting to the stage where you are doing it at all times of the day. It might not be every day, but if you are throwing up on more days than not during seemingly random times, then you might want to bring this to your obstetrician's attention. They can not only help you stop and get back on a regular cycle, but they can investigate the cause as well.

Depression Or Anxiety

Again, like with vomiting, mental health issues are common when pregnant because of how truly stressful this whole experience is on your body. Do not underestimate the huge amount of pressure this puts on your mind. You might feel all alone, but there are many people who want to talk to you, at all hours of the day, when you feel depressed or anxious. Don't suffer in silence; get the support you need from a professional who truly knows you and cares for you. 

Reach out to a local obstetrician to learn more.


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