How to Choose a Colour For Micro BTE Hearing Aids

Posted on: 30 July 2019

Before you order your micro BTE hearing aids, you may be given a range of colours to choose from. Hearing aids didn't always have many colour options in the past, but today's models come in a variety of shades.

For example, you can use hearing aids that come in traditional colours, like white, pink, silver or brown. Some manufacturers give you a broader palette choice, offering ranges that include shades from bright primary colours to vibrant neons.

What should you think about before you choose the right colour for your new BTE hearing aids?

Do You Want the Hearing Aids to Blend in?

One of the benefits of using micro BTE hearing aids is their reduced size. This makes them less visible when you wear them. If you want your hearing aids to blend in even more, then choosing certain colours can help with this.

For example, you could pick a colour that is close to your skin tone. So, if you are fair-skinned, then a light pink or soft beige colour may work well. Matching shades in this way would make the hearing aids blend into the area around your ears more.

Or, if you have longer hair that falls below your ears, then you could pick a colour that is close to your hair colour instead. In this instance your hearing aids would coordinate with your hair rather than match your skin tone.

Do You Want to Show Off Your Hearing Aids?

If you aren't so bothered about people noticing that you wear hearing aids, then you could go for a stronger colour that accentuates the aids rather than hides them. This could be as simple as going for your favourite colour or for a colour that really stands out, like a bright neon yellow or green.

In some cases, you may prefer a more classic look and a colour that won't clash with your clothes, jewellery or make-up. So, for example, classic white or sleek black hearing aids might be a good option. These colours look classy but won't stick out like a sore thumb no matter what you're wearing.

If you aren't sure which colour to choose, ask your micro BTE hearing aid provider for advice. They can talk you through popular colours. They may also be able to let you try on sample hearing aids to see how different colours look when you have them on.


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