7 Tips to Prevent Spider Veins

Posted on: 20 February 2019

Spider veins are visible clusters of veins that most often appear around the tops of the calf muscles. The only way to completely eliminate spider veins is to get treatment from a vascular surgeon. However, these seven top tips could help you to prevent your spider veins from getting worse. They can also help to prevent spider veins in people who do not yet suffer from this problem.

1. Always Wear Sunscreen

Ultraviolet radiation damages skin, reducing its collagen content so that veins appear more visible. By wearing sunscreen, you can protect your skin's ability to produce collagen, which could help to decrease your chance of developing spider veins.

2. Exercise Your Legs

Weight-bearing exercises, like walking and running, help to improve circulation in the legs. This reduces the risk of blood pooling in the legs, which is what causes veins to bulge out and become visible. Try to exercise your legs as often as you can, whether that means taking the stairs at work or squeezing a brisk walk into your lunch break.

3. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Carrying extra weight puts strain on the blood vessels in the legs, increasing the risk that they will develop into spider veins. Exercise can help you lose or maintain your weight when you use it alongside a healthy diet.

4. Avoid Sitting or Standing Still

Sitting or standing in the same position for hours can cause blood to pool in the veins in your calves. Over time, this blood exerts pressure that causes blood vessels to bulge outward. To avoid your veins becoming visible, try to move around regularly during the day.

5. Wear Flat Shoes

Compared to heels, flat shoes stretch out the calves, which can help to improve circulation. Invest in some stylish flats to wear at work and when hanging out with friends.

6. Put Your Feet Up

Elevating your feet above your heart encourages blood to flow from the legs back into the torso, taking the pressure off your veins. Try to put your feet up whenever you are resting at home to avoid spider veins getting worse.

7. Consult a Vascular Surgeon

If spider veins have already become a problem for you, do not hesitate to schedule a visit with an experienced vein specialist. A skilled vascular surgeon can remove damaged sections of blood vessel to treat your spider veins and prevent the condition from progressing.


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