Choosing the Perfect Size: 5 Questions for Women Considering Breast Augmentation

Posted on: 20 April 2015

If you are considering a breast augmentation, the key issue you need to consider is what size you want your "new" breasts to be. This decision is extremely personal, and the answer varies from woman to woman. However, if you work your way through the following questions, you may find it easier to come up with the ideal size for your needs:

1. Have your breasts ever been a size you loved?

Think about your life and how you have felt about your breasts over the years. Was there ever a time when you loved the size and shape of your breasts?

For example, if you are thinking about a breast enlargement, you may want them to be the size they were when you were pregnant or nursing. If you are getting a breast reduction, you may want them to be the size they were when you were a teen.

2. Do any movie stars have breasts you love?

Whether they are getting breast augmentations or any other cosmetic surgery, many people look at their favourite film stars for inspiration. If you know a star whose body you love, try to do some research and figure out their breast size or bring a photo of them to a surgeon like Dr Dilip Gahankari so he or she can help you estimate size.

Remember to pay attention to their body shape as well. In most cases, breasts the size of your favourite stars will look better (more natural) if you share the same basic body type.

3. What size feels comfortable to you?

This questions is challenging but not impossible to answer. Consider going to a shop and buying bras in several sizes, stuff them and see what feels the most comfortable to you. Note that this approach only works if you are getting a breast enlargement or reconstructive surgery. It doesn't work if you are getting a breast reduction.

4. What will your insurance cover?

In some cases, insurance companies are willing to cover the cost of breast reductions. If you are getting a reduction, you may need to remove a certain amount of tissue in order for the procedure to be covered. Talk with your insurance company about what they cover. Their opinion may help you determine your size.

5. Is size really the issue?

Unfortunately, in some cases, women focus exclusively on size when what they really want to change is the shape or position of their breasts. Consider your breasts carefully. Are you really dismayed that they are too small or too large? Would you be satisfied by lifting them up and reshaping them? Do not let size distract you from other considerations regarding your breast augmentation surgery.



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