Tips For Preventing A Flat Tyre On Your Mobility Scooter

Posted on: 24 February 2015

A flat tyre on a car is an unwanted inconvenience, but when one of the tyres on your mobility scooter is punctured or flattened, it can be a source of great anxiety. To help you avoid a flat tyre on your mobility scooter, look at some preventative tips.

Correct inflation

Driving your scooter with tyres that are under-inflated will cause tyre drag, leading to premature wear on the tyre. Similarly, over-inflating your scooter's tyres may make an older tyre explode, resulting in not only a busted tyre, but also potential injuries as well.

As the correct inflation rate for your tyres will depend on the tyre size, brand and type, it is important to find out exactly what the perfect air pressure is for your scooter's tyres and check the tyre pressure regularly.

Change tyre type

While pneumatic tyres offer the most comfortable ride on uneven surfaces, if your scooter suffers punctures regularly, you may want to consider changing the type of tyre you have on your scooter. A solid tyre offers the greatest protection, as it cannot be punctured; however, it can be a very hard ride. If you have a disability or condition that is not conducive to a hard ride, a filled tyre could be the answer. The ride is softer than a solid tyre, yet harder than a pneumatic, and the foam filling offers a puncture-proof tyre.

Use a puncture-proof sealant system

If you need to stick with the pneumatic tyre and would still like a little added protection, you might like to invest in a puncture-proof sealant system. An innovative product new to the market, the process involves injecting a binding compound into the tyre to form a protective internal coating. This system allows for a pneumatic tyre to effectively resist puncture, and if a puncture occurs there is minimal loss of pressure or driveability.

Replace as needed

All tyres are subject to everyday wear and tear, so it is important that you keep an eye on the tread of your mobility scooter tyres and replace them as necessary. Having your scooter regularly serviced assists this process, as the maintenance provider will conduct a tyre health check and advise any necessary replacements.

If you do find yourself with a flat tyre, either at home or while running an errand, don't fret. Many roadside assistance companies have now extended their services to include mobility scooters, and they will be more than happy to either repair or replace the tyre, or take you to a service centre who can assist you further.

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